Welcome to Island Experiment — one of the most exciting games ever! Your adventure starts right now!

This story won’t leave you cold! A thrilling quest through a mysterious island begins from the very first moments of the game!

A group of scientists deploys on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. They are going to investigate the strange circumstances of a military sattelite crash and find out why a spec ops squad has dissapeared. Near their camp they discover a lot of mysterious obelisks and monuments that don’t look like Indian structures. Huge statues, sanctuaries of ancient gods, barbarian cults evidences and even traces of an alien civilization are scattered around the whole island. Moving to the depths of the island they find out that a web of puzzles and enigmas is covering each cave in this place. Sometimes it seems that there are reflections of another world under the bright sun in this jungle forest.


explore a diverse and vast world of the game


solve the puzzles of Indian shamans


help the aborigenes to get out of troubles


win the battle against the ancient evil


build your village in the very heart of the jungle and make it prosperous


take care of you estate and collect treasures


play with your friends